Alfredo’s Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Alfredo’s Restaurant is a popular eatery. The restaurant has been serving customers high quality Italian cuisine for over two decades. With an extensive menu featuring classic Italian favorites and a cozy atmosphere, Alfredo’s Restaurant is the perfect spot to grab a meal or enjoy a night out with friends and family.

With a wide selection of delicious Italian cuisine on the menu, we are sure that you will find something to satisfy your taste buds. From classic pizzas, Beverages, Desserts, Side Orders, Dinners, Tortellini, Gnocchi, Ravioli, Seafood Pasta, Alfredo’s Specialty Pizza, Cooked To Order Calzone, Hot & Cold Subs, pastas to our signature dishes, Alfredo’s offers something for everyone.

Our restaurant specializes in traditional Italian cooking made with only the freshest ingredients. We guarantee that you will have an unforgettable dining experience here at Alfredo’s every time.

With a wide array of delicious food items available, it’s no wonder that Alfredo’s has become a local favorite in town. From classic Italian dishes to innovative new creations, Alfredo’s menu is sure to excite your taste buds.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner with friends or a family reunion meal, Alfredo’s Restaurant has been a staple of the local community for many years, and its food menu is one of the reasons why.

From traditional Italian favorites to contemporary new dishes, No matter what kind of cuisine you are looking for, you are sure to find something that will satisfy your taste buds.

Alfredo’s offers a wide variety of delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will find an array of delectable options on the menu that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. There truly is something for everyone at Alfredo’s.

Alfredo’s Menu Prices In 2023


Foods Sizes Prices
Canned Soda $1.25 canned soda flavor: coke, diet coke, sprite, fanta, ginger ale
Bottled Soda $1.65 bottled soda flavor: coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale, fanta, orangina
Mexican Coke $1.75
San Pellegrino $2.00 – $1.45
Iced Tea $1.25


Foods Sizes Prices
Tiramisu $4.25
Cannoli $4.00
Cheesecake $3.50
Cookies $1.00
Brownies $1.25

Side Orders

Foods Sizes Prices
Meatballs $3.00
Sausage $3.00
Chicken Fingers $4.99
Side Of Salad $2.50
Bruschetta $2.99
Garlic Bread $1.75
Garlic Bread With Cheese $2.50

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Foods Sizes Prices
Chicken Saltimboca $10.99 prosciutto, spinach and cheese.
Chicken-Francise Lemon $9.99 served in a creamy sauce.
Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana $9.99 plum tomato sauce and cheese.
Chicken Fra Diavola $9.99 spicy red sauce.
Chicken Piccata $9.99 capers, lemon and white wine.
Chicken Marsala $10.99 mushrooms or broccoli.
Cacciatora $10.99 mushrooms, peppers and onions with your choice of protein.
Eggplant Parmigiana $9.99
Lasagna $9.99 served with meat sauce and meatballs.
Chicken & Shrimp In Scampi Sauce $10.99

Tortellini $8.99

Foods Sizes Prices
Alfredo Tortellini
Al Pesto Tortellini basil.
Vodka Pink Sauce Tortellini


Foods Sizes Prices
Alla Sorrentina Gnocchi $8.99 red sauce and mozzarella.
Al Basil Pesto Gnocchi $8.99
Alfredo Gnocchi $8.99
Al Spinach Pesto Gnocchi $8.99
Crab Meat In Vodka Sauce Gnocchi $9.99

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Foods Sizes Prices
Cheese Ravioli $8.99
Lobster Ravioli $10.99
Lobster Ravioli W/ Shrimp $13.99

Seafood Pasta

Foods Sizes Prices
Linguini Ai Frutti De Mare $13.99 shrimp, scallops and mussels.
Shrimp Scampi $10.99
Shrimp Fra Diavolo $10.99 spicy sauce.
Shrimp & Broccoli Alfredo Sauce $10.99
Mussels Linguini $9.99 scampi sauce.
Clam Linguini $9.99 with scampi sauce.


Foods Sizes Prices
Arrabiatta Pasta $8.99 fra diavola.
Ala Vodka Pasta $8.99 italian ham sautéed in vodka creamy pink sauce.
Carbonara Pasta $9.99 italian ham, onion and eggs in creamy sauce.
Puttanesca Pasta $9.99 olives, capers and sauce.
Bolognese Pasta $8.99 traditional meat sauce.
Genovese Pasta $8.99 with meat in pink sauce.
Pesto Pasta $8.99 basil and garlic creamy sauce.
Primavera Pasta $9.99 vegetable in wine sauce.
Sorrentina Pasta $8.99 fresh mozzarella and sauce.
Chicken & Broccoli Pasta $9.99 alfredo or wine sauce.
Linguine And Chicken Pasta $9.50 served with a wine garlic sauce.
Meatballs Over Linguini $8.25

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Alfredo’s Specialty Pizza

Foods Sizes Prices
Margherita Pizza $12.99 fresh tomato, homemade mozzarella and basil.
Mongibello Pizza $14.99 mozzarella, prosciutto and tomatoes.
All Meat Pizza $14.99 meatballs, sausage, pepperoni and ham.
Quatro Formaggio Pizza $14.99 four cheese.
Mediterranean Pizza $14.99 black olives, feta cheese, fresh tomatoes and spinach.
Primavera Pizza $14.99 mixed vegetables.
Buffalo Chicken Pizza $14.99


Foods Sizes Prices
Cheese Pizza $10.00

Cooked To Order Calzone

Foods Sizes Prices
Formaggio Calzone $6.99 cheese.

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Hot Subs

Foods Sizes Prices
Chicken Parmesan Sub $6.50
Chicken Cacciatore Sub $6.99 onions, peppers and mushrooms.
Meatball Sub $6.50 with sauce and provolone.
Sausage, Peppers And Onion Sub $6.99
Steak And Cheese Sub $6.50
Combo Sub $7.25
BLT Sub $6.50
Eggplant Parmesan Sub $6.50
Eggplant Parmesan With Chicken $7.25

Cold Subs

Foods Sizes Prices
Parma Prosciutto Sub $6.99 prosciutto, tomato, mozzarella and basil.
Super Parma Sub $7.50 with chicken.
Caprese Sub $6.50 mozzarella, tomatoes and basil.
Chicken Caprese Sub $6.99
Italian Cold Cut Sub $6.50 with provolone.
Italian With Prosciutto Sub $7.25
Italian Ham And Provolone Sub $6.50
Chicken Cutlet Sub $6.50 lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.
Tuna Sub $6.50


Foods Sizes Prices
Garden Salad $5.25
Garden Salad With Chicken $6.99
Caesar Salad $5.50
Caesar Salad With Chicken $6.99
Caprese Salad $6.99 mozzarella, tomatoes and basil.
Greek Salad $6.50
Greek Salad With Chicken $7.50
Tuna Over Garden Salad $6.50
Italian Antipasto Salad $7.50 salad, cold cuts and mozzarella.
Antipasto Della Casa $7.50 prosciutto, mozzarella and tomatoes.

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Alfredo’s History

alfredos menu prices history

Alfredo’s Di Lelio’s restaurant company history is one of the most iconic in the United States. It was founded in 1914 by Alfredo himself, and has since been a staple of Italian cuisine.

All these years later, Alfredo Di Lelio’s restaurant company continues to be a success in the United States and beyond. Alfredo’s has been serving up delicious Italian food for generations.

With its quaint atmosphere, memorable meals, and friendly staff, this restaurant has become a landmark to both locals and visitors alike. Alfredo’s Restaurant has been a staple of the local community for over many years, From its humble beginnings in a small diner to its current status as a mainstay in the city, Alfredo’s continues to provide quality cuisine and exceptional service.

Alfredo’s Restaurant has been a beloved staple in the community for over two decades. With its inviting atmosphere and delicious Italian cuisine, it has become a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike.

Generations of customers have enjoyed the restaurant’s classic dishes, which are all made with fresh ingredients. Beginning with its founding by Alfredo di Lelio almost 100 years ago.

This restaurant is well-known for its home-style Italian classics and its warm, inviting atmosphere. Dedication to quality ingredients, and commitment to excellent customer service.

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