Baraka Cafe Menu Prices


Foods Sizes Prices
Turkish Coffee $3.50 with cardamom
Green Mint Tea With Roasted Nuts, Sweetened $7.50 – $1.75
Green Mint Tea With Roasted Nuts, Sweetened $6.50 – $2.50 iced
Green Mint Tea With Roasted Nuts, Sweetened $5.50 in a tea-pot
Soft Drink $1.50
Sparkling Water $3.50 – $1.50
Cherbat (Signature Of The House) $6.50 – $8.50 algerian style homemade lemonade with rose petals and north african spice


Foods Sizes Prices
Tahitian Fresh Vanilla Creme Brulée $7.00 baked creamy custard, sugar topping blow-torched to caramelization, served with a house cookie
Seven Spice Flourless Chocolate Torte $7.00 with a dark, rich valrhona sauce & fruit compote
Pastry Du Jour Special

Side Orders

Foods Sizes Prices
Grain Du Jour $3.50
Spicy Pommes Frites $4.00
Grilled Flat Bread $2.50
H’rissa Tapenade $2.50


Foods Sizes Prices
Melkha $14.00 algerian roasted barquette of stuffed eggplant with imported feta cheese, cured black olives, scallions, parsley, spinach, gruyere cheese & lemon juice served on a bed of couscous
Couscous $11.00 traditional north african grain served in a casserole style classical :: whole spice bouillon with assorted vegetables, lentils, chickpeas & fava beans
Couscous Brochette $16.00 same as above with an assortment of grilled brochette & h’rissa “pesto of the maghreb”
Melfouf La Kasbah $13.00 grilled marinated varieties of white & red meat with tchektchouka & pommes frites drizzled with h’rissa vinaigrette
M’Katef $21.00 new zealand baby lamb chops delicately marinated in ras-el-hanout served with “ehbah essoufra,” an arabian almond tartlet layered in sweet saffron shallots, mint sauce & leeks spinach t’biy
El-Moustad catch of the day changes with the season & availability of the freshest in the market
Classical Bastilla Torte requires 36-hour notice. filo pastry layered with almonds, cinnamon, saffron, parsley, marinated squab or free-range chicken with figs, mint, parsley, orange blossom infusion

Salads & Appetizers

Foods Sizes Prices
Bekloula $7.00 mixed greens, watercress, onions, roasted bell peppers, cucumbers, pearl tomatoes & spicy chickpeas tossed in black caraway, thyme & mustard vinaigrette
M’Chermla Du Jour baraka mystery
Ultimate Vegetarian Platter Du Jour $15.00

Kemiette, Meze & Tapas – Hot

Foods Sizes Prices
Served With House Crackers.
Hasouat $3.00 – $6.00 served cold in the hot season. savory mediterranean soups served with house crackers
Merguez D’Alger $5.00 spicy lamb & beef north african sausage
Karentika $4.00 oran famous savory chickpea custard with harissa tapenade
Zaatar Coca $7.00 traditional bedouin galette of sage, thyme, sesame seeds, lemon juice, caramelized onions on hand-stretched grilled berber bread

Kemiette, Meze & Tapas – Cold

Foods Sizes Prices
Served With House Crackers.
Arabesque Hummus $4.00 a voluptuous creamy blend of fresh soaked chick peas with squeezed lemon juice, thyme, cumin, an abundance of tahini and north african olive oil from home
Teklia $4.00 marinated diced green olives in harissa salsa, diced vegetables, mint, parsley & cilantro
Bedenjal Mechoui $5.00 an algerian classic smokey eggplant with roasted peppers, garlic, flat parsley, olive oil & house vinegar topped with labna
Zaitoun $4.00 berber style marinated olives
Jbinet With Berber Karmous $7.00 plate of mediterranean cheeses with a marinated berber compote
M’Chermlat El Sanaria $4.00 spicy carrots in m’chermla sauce with oregano, raisins & onion jam
H’rissa $4.00 homemade north african spicy pepper pesto with parsley, olives, garlic

Open-Face Sandwiches

Foods Sizes Prices
Chicken Or Tuna $7.00 chicken or albacore tuna served tunisian style with scallions, capers, olives, cilantro, italian parsley, lemon juice & olive oil, tossed with harissa
Chicken Or Tuna $8.00 with fries
Mahdjouba Djazairia $8.00 (vegetarian). grilled algerian crepe stuffed with tchektchouka of bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, farm cheese & mixed green salad
Mahdjouba Djazairia $9.50 with grilled chicken or merguez
Djadje $7.00 * grilled chicken breast marinated in north african spices
Homemade Grilled Merguez $8.00 * lamb & beef north african sausage seasoned with ras-el-hanout

Salads And Appetizers

Foods Sizes Prices
Cassantina $4.95 mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions & scallions dressed with black caraway olive oil & house vinegar
Hannibal $7.00 greens, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta & vidalia onions with a choice of spicy tuna or grilled chicken breast

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